My Story

Michael Carr Air Force UniformIn high school, I got a post card from the Air Force recruiter. I felt honored, assuming he had heard about how successful I was and wanted me to work with him. Later I learned they send those cards to everyone in the country.

But that card brought me to the recruiting office, and I was accepted into Officer Training School.

My first assignment was to the Pentagon where older officers would take young ones like me under their wing. One older colonel explained to me that Air Force pay would be enough to live in comfort, but if I wanted wealth, I needed to invest in the stock market.

I took his advice and bought shares of a mutual fund in early October 1987. The market crashed, and I lost about half of my money. My account quickly recovered, and I realized the stock market would create wealth for anyone.

The military then gave me a chance to learn more about the stock market. There are long days at work in the military, but much of the work is done in locations where there isn’t much to do besides work. I was sent to Iceland for a year and spent my off-duty time reading everything I could find about the stock market.

That was all I did for a few years.

As I read, I discovered professional organizations and certification programs for the financial services industry. I pursued many of the typical training programs and passed tests required by the Securities and Exchange Commission including the Series 7, Series 63 and Series 65.

Michael Carr Getting Air Force Award

Over the years, I’ve even taught exam prep courses through the New York Institute of Finance (NYIF). I still teach technical analysis at the NYIF, usually offering a comprehensive three-day course in New York City once or twice a year.

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My Certifications


Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry
Wilkes University
Graduated in 1984
Master's Degree in Management
Webster University
Graduated in 1990


Lietenant Colonel
US Air Force
From 1985 - 2005
Portfolio Manager
Dunn Warren Investments
From 2009 - 2011
New York Institute of Finance
From 2011 - Present


Smarter Investing in Any Economy
Published in 2008
Conquering the Divide
Published in 2011

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